SchoolPost: Online Reports and Exam Results

Upload a batch of reports for secure online delivery to parents or students

Easy to upload a batch of reports - then the system automatically emails the appropriate parents

SchoolPost provides a fast, easy, secure way to distribute individual documents such as reports, assessments and exam results online. Just upload a batch of documents and the system takes care of the rest - automatically emailing every parent (or student where appropriate) with a secure link to their report.

The system is designed to take advantage of the immediacy of email coupled with the backup and security of web-based access to the documents themselves, which are encrypted and stored on a secure server.

The emails sent to parents notifying them that the report is available can be sent immediately, or can become part of your school's daily or weekly 'digest' email to parents - i.e. a part of an automated electronic end of term mailing. Some schools also attach an online reply form for parents to comment or give feedback on the report.

* If it is easier for your school to produce documents identified by pupil name rather than MIS code SchoolPost can distribute those too, by matching on the pupil names in the SchoolPost system. Let us know if you would like further information about producing suitable documents.


"Just want to add our support for the new electronic report system. It's fantastically quick; no more waiting for the post while our son gives us a rose tinted version of the hard copy reality! And it saves postage, energy and paper too. What a good idea. We wish other schools would follow suit."

Perse School Parent