Parental engagement - some statistics demonstrating effective school communication

Professional looking emails to parents

Well presented emails get parents' attention - then the system provides logs and reports to make it easy to chase any who are not responding

Schools using SchoolPost to put their parental communications online are really getting the message home - and have the logs and statistics to prove it! Here is a quick round up of some recent figures which schools have reported to us:

Quick uptake after launch

At least one parent contact for 97% of all students at the school had logged on to the system within four weeks of launching.

General/ongoing use of the system

99% of parents at the school engaged with the system - i.e. logged in this academic year. Over 90% were recorded as having logged in within the last two weeks at any typical point during term time - i.e. continuously engaged with the system.

Response to online consent forms

Often a 100% response from parents to field trip consent forms online (typically 80+% on first send, remaining 10-20% following a simple reminder message which takes just a few seconds to send via the SchoolPost system).

Views/downloads of specific letters and notices

88% of parents viewed merit letters within four hours of publication; 94% within the week.

Access to exam results by students (some schools use it for students too!)

Over 100 sixth formers looked at exam results online within fifteen minutes of publication one day at 6.00am, (and 100% had read them by 9.00am).

Some 'big picture' overall figures for a year

Total of 61,620 documents viewed by parents during the first year of use at one school, and a total of 7,231 online response forms submitted. That's 7,231 parent responses to things like field trips and parents evenings which could be sorted and processed in spreadsheets rather than manually collated from thousands of individual pieces of paper or emails - a huge admin saving! Another school reports 64,263 documents viewed so far this academic year, and 7,485 online replies submitted.

Does your current parent communication system give results like this? Even if you have email addresses for 100% of your parents do you know whether your documents and messages are really being read?

SchoolPost - customised with your own name and your schools' image - makes professional looking well-targeted parent communication easy. It combines the immediacy of email and text messages with the backup of an online webspace for every parent for secure, reliable access to school documents and reply and consent forms. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we could help to make your response figures look like these.

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"... to say how pleased we've been with the SchoolPost system. We are happy with the number of parents actively using the system and it has reduced our print and post costs considerably."

Alex Phillips, Director of ICT, Ipswich School

"I love PersePost! I have 84 out of 99 replies from year 7 parents for the Geography fieldtrip and still 4 days to go before the deadline."

Geography Teacher, The Perse School