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Integrated, interactive and customised

Online communication solutions:

Based in Cambridge UK, Empetus offers a range of email and web-based applications and services for schools and businesses. We help you to communicate effectively online, building and engaging with your community whilst driving down print and administration costs.


Online school communication

Powerful email, text and web-based parent communication system

  • Improves communication throughout the school
  • Proven high levels of parental engagement
  • Fully customised with your school's own image and name
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Huge savings in time and admin costs

Reports & exam results

Quick, easy way to securely publish reports, assessments and exam results online

  • Upload batch documents referenced by pupil code or name
  • System automatically emails recipients with a link
  • Big savings on print and postage
  • See at a glance who has read them
  • Ideal for GCSE & A level results - can be timed to go live at 6am on results day

Trips, reply & consent forms

Makes it easy for staff to create custom reply and consent forms, and for parents to reply online

  • Easy to create custom forms based on templates
  • See at a glance who has or who hasn't replied
  • Single-click to start a reminder to parents who haven't replied
  • Download replies straight into a spreadsheet